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Pavilion Rooms


The Pavilion can be configured in a variety of ways and hosts diverse events, from large national flower shows and conferences to small, intimate morning teas. Its setting in the heart of Hamilton Gardens is ideal for events that have an outdoor component.

There are four rooms available for hire in the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion:

 The Central Court - A dramatic multipurpose space that can be joined to the Exhibition Hall to create a larger hall. Suited to large dinners, shows, expos, and conventions.

The Exhibition Hall - a large multipurpose space that can be joined to the Central Court to create a larger hall. On its own it can be used for almost anything, but it is most suited to smaller expos, trade shows and horticultural shows.

The Chartwell Square Room - suitable for seminars, meetings, public lectures and workshops.

The Rotary Lounge - the smallest of the four rooms. It features large north-facing windows and a private patio and is ideal for smaller worshops and seminars, meetings, or casual get-togethers.